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"Meg Feury writes and edits with a radical approach: She thinks that the stuff people read ought to be interesting! Meg's taste, cultural literacy, and curiosity bring freshness to her writing and uncommon value to her editing. She's a joy to be around, because she reminds us that we got in this business to tell stories."
-Nate Nickerson, Former Managing Editor, Fast Company


"As someone who's worked on both sides of the writing/editing fence, Meg Feury knows exactly what tugs at women's hearts, souls, minds, and waistlines. She's covered health, nutrition, fitness, relationships, and more with writing that is always smart, friendly, upbeat, and refreshing—much like her personality. Meg is a total hoot to hang out with and adds spark and spunk to the biz."
-Betty S. Wong, senior editor at Parents and editor-in-chief of Parents Baby


"In journalism, what I value most is honesty, solid skills and hard work. Since we met in 1994, I've seen nothing less from Meg Feury—no matter what the situation (and a few have provided more than the average challenge). She can handle difficult concepts with grace, but perhaps even more important, she is a wiz with difficult people. Features, news reporting, interactive Web content—Meg can do it all with style. I especially appreciate the way she takes a vague topic and hones it into a hard-hitting article."
-Elena Rover, Fitness Editor-at-Large, Self, and former Articles Editor, Health magazine


"I've know Meg socially for years and, believe me, the woman can hold an audience's attention. Meg is also, by nature, a very encouraging and positive person—qualities that are key when working with new writers who may still lack confidence in their writing abilities. Most importantly, Meg KNOWS magazines."
-Nicci Micco, freelance writer, former nutrition editor for Self


"No one knows magazines like Meg. From Glamour to Marie Claire, she's written and edited for the best of them, and knows the insides and outs of dreaming up ideas, editing and writing stories that capture editors' attention. Meg's enthusiasm is contagious, and her naturally inquisitive nature makes her both a great reporter, and a great teacher."
-Kim Atkinson, Lifestyle Director, Boston Magazine


"I had the pleasure of working with Margit Feury for many years at a national fitness publication, and one thing is for certain, Margit will not disappoint! Wonderfully articulate, completely knowledgeable, incredibly energetic, and totally funny, Margit will enthuse and entertain you with her time-tested tips and tricks to her stories about working for a variety of national magazines in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston."
Linda Frahm, former managing editor at Walking and Intermezzo magazines


"Meg Feury has the enthusiasm and talent to get the foot in the door. Meg Feury knows exactly what makes a story idea sell. I know. I've worked with her. She knows how to deliver the perfect pitch. And she knows what makes magazines tick."
Mindy Berry, Articles Editor, Glamour magazine





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